3 Caped Crusaders-2 State Troopers-And 1 Great Bartender

by altardy on May 24, 2011

You can’t lose when you spend a day with great people like these.

Grayson, Ruth(34) and Jessica came dressed as caped crusaders. Ruth used the outfit to help her fly into the #1 women’s position in the whole race.  Why did they wear the costumes to a pub run?  Now, if you were wondering why, it means you think way too much and that’s why you were sitting on you butt on such a nice day instead of at The Banner in Worcester with us having a great time.

Dan and Jarred are State Troopers who came to support the race to raise funds for lung cancer.  Dan was way ahead of me and Jarred so we ran together and had a great conversation.  Oh yea–we also made sure that neither one of us missed the “refreshment”  stops–what are friends for.   

And Kayla was tending bar at The Banner.  So we began and ended the race with Kayla’s sweet smile.  Need I say more. 

I have 2 more entries after this one.  Hope you’re ready to see more proof that if you weren’t with us you were in the wrong place on May 21st.        


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