Worcester Pub Run-May 21st—One Of The Most Fun Races I’ve Ever Been In

by altardy on May 24, 2011

Kevin and Kelley combined efforts with The Banner Bar & Grille owner, Sean, to put on one of the most fun races I’ve ever participated in.  Now, I’ve run in over 100 races in the last 3-4 years, so that means something coming from me.

The run happens twice each year and raises money for the Lung Association.  Kevin and Kelley provide (along with other volunteers) the leg work and Sean provides a great food spread and an amazingly friendly and fun atmosphere.

The race is a 3k(1.9 mile) run.  Along the loop course you stop into 4 pubs. At each stop you drink a 12 ounce “beverage” then continue to the next pub, repeat the wonderful elbow tipping motion, and literally get to carbo load DURING the race.  What a great concept. Not quite as easy as it may sound, but a lot of fun.   

They do give awards to the fist few finishers in different categories, but to me the whole day was a winner.  A fantastic, fun, light-hearted spin to the world of road racing. They have 2 of these each year and the next one will be in the fall.    DO NOT—I REPEAT—DO NOT MISS A CHANCE TO RUN THIS RACE. 

I have 4 more short entries about this fun day following this entry.  Read them then come to the next one and enjoy the experience yourself.

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Hi Alan,

We met at the Banner Saturday after the pub run. Just wanted to say hello and let you know I find your blog a true inspiration. The pub run was a blast (maybe a little to much fun for some of us lol)



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