Without Volunteers These Events Would Not Happen

by altardy on May 30, 2011

—It’s all the people behind the scenes that make an event like this happen. I love to show some of the unsung heros, the volunteers.  I met Erin(balloons) and Amanda as I came into the area where the race was taking place.  As Erin put it they were headed to tie the balloons onto the “hales of bay”. Erin also turned out to be one of the people that everyone turned to for help and advise.  Amanda was there with Bear Country 95.3. You will see an interesting event that Amanda participated in when you read the next entry into the blog.  Don’t miss it.

—Deb and Christa were the first volunteers I met at the BIB#’s pick up table.  With my day starting with smiles like these I knew it was going to be a great day. 

—My hat’s off to all the volunteers and the great job they did at the 1st Annual Kringle Candle Chase Jill E. Harrington Hanzalik 5k run/ walk.         

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OMG! Hey Al – found the article on your blog of when we first met!
Great to see you on Saturday at Joe’s Cafe! Keep me posted on some of your Noho runs. I’d love to join!


Hi Amanda, Sorry abiut the delay getting back to you. I have some good info on up coming runs/races. Text me or email me at my personal email tardy4@comcast.net Keep smiling


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