Family And Candles Unite For A Cause

by altardy on June 1, 2011

—Mike Kittredge and his dad, founders of the Kringle Candle Company in Bernardston, Ma., combined efforts with Jill’s brothers, Kevin and Adam, and mom, Wendy,  to create the 1st Kringle Candle Chase 5k in her memory.  This race/walk/family day has fun and success written all over it.

—May 28th was the day for the 1st annual race and with over 300 participants started with a bang.   There was live music, pie eating contests, hula hoops-a-spinnin’ and a great atmosphere.  Water balloon throwing contests seem to attract the young and old a like.  The course was a gently rolling loop that was great for the newbies and the more experienced runners. 

—Mike and his dad were around for the race and all the festivities.  You could tell they had a true sense of love for the family and a real desire to help make their efforts a booming tribute to their lost one.    Make this race and day a must for you and your family next year and keep your eyes on to watch for the golf and basketball fund raisers. 

—Also, check out and see the newest and best in the candle industry.    There are 4 more entries about this day following this.  Read about the people and the support.

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