1st Annual Memorial Day 5k In Florence, Ma. And A Memorable Spot For Me

by altardy on June 5, 2011

The 1st Annual Memorial 5k in Florence, Ma. was meant to be.  The day started with thunder storms and heavy rain, but, 30 minutes or so before the start the rain stopped, the clouds cleared out, and the sun came out of hiding.

The efforts of the organizers and helpers alike were rewarded with a good turn out and monies raised to help the veterans.  Jason, with his son Benjamin, Bill, and Wayne(in uniform) organized a great race and I think it was Linda’s smile that brought out the sun.  Her and many of the other volunteers provided a great atmosphere for all that showed up that day. 

The finish area also held a special memory for me.  On August 5, 1978 I finished my San Francisco to Florence, Ma. trans-continental run in the very same spot.   

There are 2 more entries after this one to show some of the runners and more of the great settting of the day. 

You need to put this race on your calendar for next year and show your support for the veterans.

“Great Job” everyone

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