Coming Full Circle

by altardy on July 2, 2011

It was 33 years ago that I last made it to a NCCC Convention.  I was brought to the last one, in Charlotte, N.C., while I was in the middle of my run from California-Massachusetts.  I was here in Tinley Park, Ill, however, as their guest speaker. 

It was an experience I will never forget and that I’m truly thankful for.  I was able to reunite with and talk to people I had met 33 years ago.  When I first got up to speak, I asked all the people in the room that were at the convention with me 33 years ago to stand up.  It appeared that over 100 people were standing, I think surprising all of us. 

I was then and there able to finally and officially extend my long over due “Thanks” to them.  They had opened the door for someone they had never met to help me accomplish a dream. And we worked together on a project that changed the course of history for a charity(Spina Bifida). 

If you read the entries about the week you will see what a wonderful group of people I was able to share life with for 3 days.

Along with the thanks, I was able to share my message about uncovering the elite heart that exists in all of us. And, I was also able to share information on the newest project with them–the Alaska to Florida run. 

  Read them all I think you will love meeting these people who still truly enjoy life.       

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