We Started Gathering Early

by altardy on September 5, 2011

I knew it was going to be a great day back to racing, finally,  just by the great friendly atmosphere during the registration time before the race.

The first person I met was Kevin.  I had just finished driving 100 miles to Cambridge and he had just finished driving quite a distance to be there.  Turns out Kevin grew up in the city I live in.  Quite a start and what were the odds???

Donna, Jenn, Pete and Leah came as a group to both walk and run the Tavern To Tavern race.  Leah earned her own separate entry, which is after rhis one, so make sure you check out why.

Stephanie and Theresa are friends and running buddies.  I was able to talk with them before the race and toast the day with them at the end. 

Great start to the day and the beginning of  a wonderful experience in Cambridge.  The 4following entries are short but fun, make sure you get to read them all.     

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