I Am So Proud Of This Woman

by altardy on September 5, 2011

This is Leah.  Yes you just saw her with some friends in the previous entry.  I decided she needed to get her own special space.

I tell people all the time that the best people stories in the gathering at a road race of any distance or number of people are not always the stories of the people who finish first.  

Leah did show up with her friends, Donna, Jenn and Pete, whom you saw her with to the Cambridge Tavern to Tavern 5k.  However, she came to walk the course.  We are toasting the completion of her–RUNNING AND COMPLETING– the first race for her in 15 years. Plus She was one of a few people who got slightly lost on the course, but didn’t let it stop her.

BRAVO- BRAVO- BRAVO to you Leah.

I would love to hear more of the stories from behind the front runners.  Let me know of your story or that of someone you feel I should hear about.  It is these stories that motivate others and not just the stories of the elite athletes.  Email me if you have a story or just to say “Hi” at tardy4@comcast.net.    Again Leah I want to say how very proud of you I am.  

There are 3 more short entries after this special story.  Check them out.

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