The Glow Of The Day, The Glow From The Carbs, And The Glow From Meeting New Friends

by altardy on September 5, 2011

What a gathering of wonderful people in Cambridge.  These are pics of some of the people who I got to share time and conversations with—Oh yes—and a couple buckets of carbs. 

Joanna(1215) and were great to get to know. Don’t let the picture fool you though, even though I’m the only one of us holding a beer I’m sure they had already partaken themselves.

Connie(110) and Joe were very much like most of the runners I meet.  Each one bragging about the others talents. 

Nicki, Preston(the barefoot runner) Justin and I had good conversations about many things that included a lot about the barefoot running concept.

John and Meaghan and I first met because I made a comment how Meaghan appeared to be the guardian of the beers that John had left her safe guarding while he checked out the list of finishing times.

Then there is the extra picture of me again with Nicki and Meaghan.  Well what can I say…as an older guy I’ve learned to never miss an opportunity to get my picture taken with beautiful women.

There were many exciting stories that these folks and I shared about running.  They truly helped make my trip to Cambridge a great way to get back to the races.  “Thank You”

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There are 2 more entries after this one about my day in Cambridge, check them out.   



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