A Little Tension Release During Extreme Makeover

by altardy on September 21, 2011

What a great diversity of people came together to help build a new home for the family of Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover.  Carl took his own life due to bullying.  Extreme Makeovers came to town and gave his family a brand new start.  There are 4 more entries after this blog  section for you to read and there will be a couple more each day,so, keep looking in and don’t hesitate to email me through the site from back on the home page.

The Riley Construction Company was the company that stepped to the plate to help make this happen. You will read more about them in upcoming entries.

At one point I needed someone to drive a boom truck so 2 of us painters could put some paint on the peaks of the house.  Nick(dark blue shirt) volunteered and up we went.  At one point trying to make some conversation I asked Nick how long he had been with Riley Construction.  He quietly let me know that he was Nick Riley.  I responded with “So, it’s been a life long gig for you?  Listen, if you ever have any trouble with the boss, I’d be willing to give you a job pushing a brush with me.”.  With that we broke into laughter and some of the tension, from him being the focal point for most of the workers, was released.  We had a great time getting to know each other.  He is a great person as are his whole family.  You will meet many of them in up coming entries.   

Mike and I were showing off our physiques atop the porch roof while getting some paint on the front of the house.  Note the colors of the sun burst and compare it with the colors on the final product 4 entries from this one.

Anthony worked magic with his paint sprayer, being called on almost 24/7  to either get things primed or finished. He proved to be someone who stepped to the plate when called upon and got things done over and over and over again.

The last picture was taken while Anthony was spraying the fence just a very short time before the family arrived.

There are more short entries after this to give you more perspective on what went on during this great project.   Keep reading.




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