The Behind The Scenes People

by altardy on September 21, 2011

There were many people doing things that were not actually construction related but made the job a bit easier for us all.

Anna was part of a group of people who came in from all over the U.S. to assist those there who were organizing all the different parts of the project.  Courrier, runner, security, crowd mover, whatever she was always helping make somebody else’s task easier to accomplish.

Sue ia a massage therapist.  She and a few others were true unsung heroes that most of the public never saw. They were working on the workers and anyone that needed their help–DAY AND NIGHT-24/7.  I personally had hit a physical wall at one point late on one of the evenings and it was her coming to the rescue that put me back on track.

The food donated and prepared by different restaurants was amazing.  This grill got fired up once when I wasn’t there and once when I was up on a boom truck too occupied to attend the feast.  I also was in that same boom truck painting when the Hooter Girls brought many buckets of wings.  What the heck was I thinking!!!!! 

And the television pole was there the entire time so you could be kept up to date on what was going on. 

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