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by altardy on September 22, 2011

I would like all of you to meet Rick.  I’ve known Rick for 15 or so years.  I have always known him to have a great heart and spirit.  I’ve also known him to not to be afraid to work.  He really put both together in helping build the house on Extreme Makeover for the family of Carl Joesph Walker-Hoover in Springfiield, Ma..  I felt I was putting in a lot of time that I felt proud of. I think I put in 45-50 hours in the 3 1/2 days I was there.  However,  it seemed no matter how early I would arrive in the morning or how late I would be leaving the next morning(2 a.m. a couple days) Rick was either already there or still there depending on which end of the day it happened to be. Also, because of his knowledge of many parts of construction, he was able to help all over the site. 

Rick didn’t know the family he was helping build the house for he just wanted to help.  In talking to him during the times we were there he would always talk about his wife and 2 daughters and how proud of them he is.  He wears his heart not only on his sleeve, but, also in his hands when using them to help others.  

I felt Rick was one of the truly unselfish, unsung heroes and I decided he needed his own entry into my blog section, so I could sing his praises.  GREAT JOB RICK- I’M PROUD TO CALL YOU MY FRIEND.                

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Al, what a beautiful story about my Rick. It brought tears to my eyes to read you entry . He truly has a big heart and his kindness is beyond belief. I am truly blessed and I am glad that you have also had the opportunity to experience his love and generosity towards his fellow man. This is truly what makes Rick tick….compassion extrodinaire !
Thanks again for recognizing him in such a fantastic way. He is truly our hero !


I am reall excited an PROUD that you got to do something so special as this. Im hoping i get to see the show. Love the show and how they come together to help people. love sis


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