It Was Training Food—-Really

by altardy on September 25, 2011


   There was a tremendous amount of wonderful food, which was donated and delivered by some great eating establishments, at the building site.

 With 5 meal times each day, the food tent was a popular and busy place.  And I did partake of quite a bit of it.  However, in the second picture, you are viewing the type of food I was fueling my body with.  A real training diet for a trans-continental runner!!! 

Everyone looked forward to all the meals and I was with them.  However, I would sneak back to the tent and grab a couple of the endless Friendly’s sundae cups and a drink, especially when 11:00 p.m. would roll around and I knew I had another hour or two or three to go.

“Thank You” Friendly’s.  Many times I needed you as my pick me up and you were always there. 



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