They Gave Of Themselves

by altardy on September 25, 2011

The people who were at the building of the home for Carl-Joseph Walker-Hoover’s family by Exrteme Makeover are now heroes of mine.  You need to understand that most did not know the boy nor the family.  They also volunteered their time and were willing to work around, and with, people they probably had never met before in their lives.  Not an easy task when you also add the fact that you had all the parts of biulding a house going around you at the same time.  To me this was more proof that it was their hearts driving their actions. 

95% or more of them will not receive any special recognition for what they did.  So you will be seeing and reading about many of them if you spend some time going through the entries to come.  There are a bunch of entries.  Some are just pictures and some have small stories with the pictures.  You will probably have to go into the September archives to access them all but do it.  The story is a great story and all the people you meet are true heroes.  



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