You Can Never Forget Moments Like This

by altardy on September 26, 2011

All those days and all the craziness and all the planning and work came down to this moment.  The bus was moved away and the house that had been created for the Walker-Hoover Family was revealed.  Suddenly the lost sleep, the working around 100 other workers and wondering why your heart kept you coming back to help was in front of you. The  feelings you feel inside of happiness, pride and awe come at you all at once and are amplified by the cheering of the crowd.  

—It was one of those experiences you can never express in mere words. 

—There are a bunch of photos in the entries after this one.  Some have just pictures and some have short stories.  You may have to go into the September archives to access them all, but they will give you a bird’s eye view of a miracle in progress and it will be more than worth your efforts. 

—“Cogradulations” to all that helped make this moment happen for this family in Springfiield, Mass..

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