In Danny’s Memory

by altardy on October 21, 2011

October 15th was the 4th annual Danny Boyle 3.5 miler in Holyoke, Ma.. Danny was a firefighter that lost a battle with brain cancer at too young an age.  He left his wife Deb(pictured with me) and 2 kids.  This race is in his honor and in it’s first 3 years raised $70,000 for research. 

The day was a beauty and the atmosphere was happy and tremendously up beat.  Hundreds of people came to show support for Danny’s memory, family and to help fight brain cancer.

 Many people helped put the race on, and if you’ve followed my entries over the years, you know I like to give some of them mention.

Pictured with me at the registration table are Beth(standing), Lisa and Jessica.  At the shirt table are Mary, Linda and Joe.

It takes many people to make an event like this happen and be one that people want to come back to.  Deb and all the people who help at this race do a great job of putting on the race and preserving Danny’s memory.  I have 2 more entries after this one showing the great time we all had and giving a special mention to those that didn’t make it.  Check them out and then put this race on your “got to do” list for next year.



















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