These People Could Be Laughing At You!!!!!!!

by altardy on October 21, 2011

If you were wondering if you missed a good time because you didn’t make the Danny Boyle Race–these pictures and the ones in the next entry are for you.

You’ve got Donna and Kathy enjoying some of the warm sunshine and carbs with me  after the race.

Brian and I have gotten to be great friends.  He helped put the race on, as well as many others in the area. And, he and his stores and timing company are a big part of the Toasted Owl Race that I help organize.  This year our race is October 30 at the Toasted Owl in Northampton, Ma.

Bridget, Siobhun, myself and Jamie frequent the same local carb dispensary. They are a bit new to the race circuit, but, that didn’t keep Bridget from kicking my butt in the race.

And then you have a family plus one that are also great friends.  John and I are standing with Jason, Lindsay and Lisa.

If you missed the race shame on you. We are all not only all smiling cause we’re having a good time, but, also because we’re laughing at you for not making it to such a great time.    We won’t be laughing at you next year will we???  Unless you just don’t enjoy a great time, with great people, on a great day for a great cause.      

   You need to check out the next entry.  The people in those pictures are just smiling and having a great time.  They’re not laughing at you for missing the event, because they didn’t even know you were missing.  JOIN IN THIS GREAT RACE NEXT YEAR. I’ll put your picture on my site and YOU can be laughing at the people who might have missed the fun.  

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