4 Lasts=2 New Beginnings

by altardy on November 3, 2011


   What you have here in these 4 pictures are 4 “lasts”, but, 2 represent new beginnings.  After the 7 houses were finished there was a block party for all to attend. We  met and share stories, hellos and good byes.  This was the last time I saw the houses I had spent sssooo much of my life in for 7 days.  But for the families receiving the houses it was their new beginning.

   I am pictured with Linda, owner of the Club 609 in Joplin.  I had been able to spend a few hours after the end of the build enjoying the hospitality of her great establishment.  The day before I left Jolin I stopped in for a last good-bye.  But her and I discussed the possibility of me returning to Joplin to speak.  A-last- turned into a possible new reason to return.

   Next, I am pictured with, what I hope to be, the last grilled cheese sandwiches, kept warm by steaming,  that I ever ATTEMPT to eat in my life. Throughout the entire week the food that was put out for us was great–except for this delicacy.  If you were there you are laughing with me right now.

   And in sticking with the food subject,  I took the picture of the last two of about 40 ice cream sandwiches I ate during the week. 


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