A Trbute To A Survivor With Heart

by altardy on November 3, 2011

   Deb and I met at a filming session while the building was going on.  She is proof that there are so many stories within a story when it comes to people.   Behind the sweet smile and sparkling eyes is a woman who has beat cancer.  With all that Deb has gone through she has really felt the beauty of just being alive. 

   She felt the draw to come and help these families that had lost everything, including family members, in the terror of a tornado.  She didn’t come looking for recognition for what she was doing.  She just wanted to feel she had done something to make a possitive difference in someone’s life.

This entry is for you Deb.  May you be blessed in the MANY, MANY, MANY days of your life. You and your story will forever be in my heart.

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