No Way To Express My Thanks

by altardy on November 3, 2011



How does one express their thanks to people when there is an emotion involved WAY beyond words.  I came to Joplin not knowing  totally why I had decided I needed to be there.  I knew nobody and had no clue what was in store for me.  The FANTASTIC people at the Holiday Inn took tremendous care of me from the minute I entered their hotel.  Amanda and Kourtney greeted me with smiles that would melt the heart of the most stone hearted person.  They made sure I had a great room, plus, they made sure I had breakfast, which was a rarity with my schedule. 

   Jina, Mallorie, and Melinda made sure I knew what kinda costume I needed for the after party and that I was headed in the right direction to the right place.  

   These people are a wonderful group of people who the Holiday Inn should feel privilege to have in their employment.  They talked to you from the heart and had a real interest in making sure that all the people who turned to them were happy. 

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your heart-felt warmth.

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