A Great Old Friend And New Ones Too

by altardy on November 8, 2011

Lee is a friend I met 3 years ago at a road race in the area.  He always seems to be in the winners circle, as you can see by the trophy.

Mike(165) and Jenna were people who I met for the first time at the Owl race.because of the common bond of running. 


  They along with Lisa, in the blue shirt, and Jennifer and Seth are the reason I love running and going to races.  You meet great people.

I have 2 more entries with photos from this race.  Check them out. 

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Al, it was nice meeting you. I’m beginning to appreciate the camaraderie at these events. Thanks for supporting us and perhaps we’ll cross paths again at another race.


Thanks for being so welcoming and for putting on a great race!


please feel free to read and communicate anytime. Sometimes it takes me awhile to get to read things and respond. I do appologise. Feel free to email me at my personal email anytime tardy4@comcast.net. Keep Smiling Al


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