Friends With Great Hearts At The Owl Race

by altardy on November 8, 2011


One of the rewards of either running many races or putting on a road race is when some of your best friends join you.

  Judy is a wonderful person that I am proud to call “friend”. I have known Judy for many years.  She is great parent, a competitor, a counselor, a mentor to many and an all round genuinely caring person.  Judy and her husband own Northampton Athletic Club (NAC) in Northampton. They support MANY local events and athletic teams.  They were also one of the bigger sponsors for the Toasted Owl Gives A Hoot and came to participate.   

Dennis is , also, a truly great friend.  I have written about him in my blog section in the past.  He, like Judy, is a  talented athlete.  He, too, is a great parent, supporter of causes and possesses a truly large, caring, humble  heart. 

It was fun and rewarding to see such close friends having a great day and knowing I was part of it.

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