Don’t Tread On Them And Watch His Dust

by altardy on November 8, 2011


   You don’t want to mess with these gals.  Let me introduce you to 5 team members of Pair ‘O Dice City women’s roller derby team. (l-r) R. Olive R. Twisted, Bootsy Killins, Halle Pain Yo, little ol’ me, Pandora’s Squeezebox and Ballistic Miss L.  We are giving you our “mean” faces.  These hard core scaters were nice enough to trade in battling their wheeled rivals for handing out water at the 5k water stop.  I heard no stories of them “checking” the runners into the rails.  “Thanks” for being a part of such a great event.

   Troy is a 17 year old speed demon.  He came in 4th overall in his first 5k road race.  He also won his age division and left many good runners in the dust. 

   Steve is a good friend of mine and Troy’s step-dad.  He not only came out to the race, but, together he and Troy set up our tents, he stood guard on a side street to protect the runners, he helped me stop traffic, and was near the finish line to cheer Troy on as he came charging into the finish shoot.  I think they had a great day together.

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