Help Comes In Many Forms When It Comes To Road Races

by altardy on November 8, 2011


Mickey and Joel have come to lend a hand with the Toasted Owl Race both last year(our first race) and this year.  They come early and dive right in to doing whatever it takes to help the race be a success.  If you have not organized a race, you have no idea how precious volunteers like them really are.I have written many times about the fact that fund-raising races, like this one, would have trouble existing without people like them. 

They were in before most anyone else and they were still there when everyone was gone. 

Also, one of the very important parts of putting on a road race arrive early—the porta-pottys.  As silly as it sounds, it was nice to see them and to know that one of the most important parts of getting runners ready to start the race would be there for them. “Am I right???”   


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