Comedy, Volunteers And A Break In The Action

by altardy on November 11, 2011



My first day/night painting inside a house was interesting.  I need to find the names of the 3 gals on the step-ladder and put it here.  However I worked with these sweethearts til 7 a.m.. They were a hoot to work with, but, we  got a ton of painting done.  The painters in the other rooms were laughing at the random, and sometimes comical, conversations we were having.  However I wouldn’t trade the time I spent with them for anything.

    The volunteers at the “volunteer instruction table” are Becky, Jason, myself and Nicky.  I will be putting Nicky and my picture in the blog later and tell you of a moment I had on my phone with Nicky by my side.

The picture of a red car is, actually, my rent-a-car.  The reason I took the picture is that it was parked in the volunteer parking lot and also on top of the cement pad upon which a building stood before the tornado. 

The last picture is from a break in the building action when a motorcycle club (who all happened to be staying at our hotel) rode through the project as their tribute to the people of Joplin whose houses we were building and to the workers for their labors. 

There is another entry about the Joplin build, then a few entries about a road race I helped put on when I returned, and then more entries about Joplin.  As you read through them you can click into the November archives and at the bottom of the listing of entries on that page is small print saying “previous entries”.  Clicking here (and at the bottom of all those pages) will allow you to see many more entries about Joplin.

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