The Beginning Of A New Neighboorhood

by altardy on November 11, 2011



Here are some more photos showing some of the people and what was being ressuected amongst the rubble.

   Clary (blue shirt) is a local artist who came to use her talents in the build.  Her and I worked in the same house on the first day I was there and the last day before the reveals.

   Kim is a lead designer.  Don’t let her size fool you.  The unspoken thoughts about kim were “what Kim wants–Kim gets”.  This project was Kim’s last build with Extreme and we all wished her the best in her life to come. 

   The other 2 photos are: 1. one of the new houses with a small glimpse of the neighborhood that was created. 2. one of the buildings still standing less than 3 blocks away from the construction site. ” And amongst the rubble will rise…”.   


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