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by altardy on November 15, 2011

   Here are tips on how to get to read the many short stories about the Extreme Home Makeover”s 7 houses in 7 days build in Joplin, Missouri. You can click onto the most recent entries to read them. Then you need to click “November Archives” and you will get a page with 5-6 of the entries prior to the recent ones. THEN when you have read through those–at the bottom of the page listing the individual entries–you will see the small print reading “previous entries” (bottom left). That click will bring you to the entries prior to that list and you will be able to do that with each page. 

   Along with the Joplin stories you will have pages of pictures and stories from the many races I go to every year and the wonderful people I meet there. 

   The stories are short and some are just a few pictures, so, you’re not about to be asked to read a novel.  But, you will read a bunch of stories about people like yourself.  Read them and revisit this site every couple of days and see who has gotten their story on here for the world to see.  And, as always, feel free to email me at anytime.

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