Joplin’s Doll House

by altardy on November 15, 2011


To me this was the moment I was waiting for during over a hundred hours of work in a weeks time.  Although I worked in 5 of the 7 houses and in the park that was created, this was the reveal I had to see no matter what.

   The people you see getting off the bus are the Whitely Family, or what’s left of the family.  When the Joplin tornado tore the city apart there were three children.  From what I was told, the four of them were hiding from the tornado in their bathroom.  The storm ripped the house apart and took two of the children with it.

   There was a special feel in and around this house as it was being built.  Seems even if people weren’t supposed to help in the “doll house” they somehow made their way down and did—something—just so they could  feel they were a part of this gift.

   There are two more entries after this one to read about this house.  They include the special people who were the back bone, along with others, in getting this job done right.

   I have already put a lot of entries in my blog about my trip to Joplin and the wonderful people I met and the places I went.  I put this story off in an attempt to gather my thoughts and try to express what a gift helping rebuild the lives of these two people felt like.  But, I am finding it impossible to express what I felt in my heart and soul leading up to, and now weeks after, the presentation of this house.  I guess it will be an experience, an emotion, a gift, a memory I feel blessed to have been a part of and wish you were there so you could not be able to express what your heart witnessed.   

   Click on to the next entries and then read beyond to feel what went on in Joplin that magic week.

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