The Team Created The Spirit Of The House

by altardy on November 15, 2011


Meet some of the people who really helped set the tone and spirit within the little white baby doll house.

Tom was the main builder on this house.  He is pictured with his wife Cindy.  Their two sons worked on and in this house.  Tom was noticeably putting in more hours than his sons.  And it was the sons that noticed his tireless efforts.

Darren has a great spirit that surrounds where ever he is and whoever he’s around.  He was the evening project manager on the Whitely Family’s house.  Darren and I had met for the first time 4-5 weeks prior to Joplin, as he was one of the folks that did a build 10 miles from my house.  We have become great friends and it was an honor to work with him on this project.     

Heather was the lead designer on this house.  I watched her in action and was so impressed with her ability to pull the feel of the house together in what she did with the houses limited space.

There were others that were big parts of this house coming together for the two deserving owners   But, these were the people I had the pleasure to see in action and participate with them in their quest to create the perfect place for this mom and her little girl to start a new. 

There is one more entry to this story and then many more about all the other great things accomplished by the Extreme Home Makeover team.  So, click on to them and read all about it.    




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