You Want To What?????

by altardy on November 21, 2011

My own story amongst my story.  There is a special reason I took this picture with Nicki.  As I was making my way back down to the build site one morning my private cell phone rang.  Turns out it was a guy whose name and voice I didn’t recognise at that time, partly cause I was running on 2 hours sleep in a 3 day stretch. 

Turns out it was my daughter’s boyfriend, Michael.  After a couple minutes of conversation we got to the real reason for the call.   Micheal called to ask my blessing on him asking my daughter to marry him that day.  He’s a great guy and I’m proud and happy to have him become part of the family.

My daughter called about 2 hours later to let me know the question had been asked.  See what happens when you leave home!!!!!      


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