The Team Came To Win. And Win They Did

by altardy on November 22, 2011


Joplin, Missouri.  Joplin is a town that in May 2011 was shredded to pieces by a EF5 tornado.  The people are rebuilding and Extreme Makeover sent their team (I call them– America’s REAL Dream Team) to give 7 of the families a new start.

I feel privileged and honored to have been a small part orf that wonderful project. 

Working side by side with people who came from around the world was an amazing journey that I will keep in my heart forever. 

I watched as people working 50-60 hours without sleep.  People lined up hoping to get a chance to do ANYTHING to be able to say, and feel, that they had lent a hand.

I, also, witnessed as the people of Joplin said loud and clear that they appreciated very much– a hand. But, they didn’t want –a handout.  The V.I.P. tent that was set up across from the 7 houses was empty most of the time.  The tent usually is full of sponsors, large donators, builder’s families and dignitaries from the area.  Why was it empty???? Because no one was willing to stand around and watch someone “GIVE” them anything.  The people who should have been in that tent were found across the street working with everyone else.

They lost 162 people that tragic day.  But, they kept their pride and strength.  A sign, you will see in one of the pictures in an entry, reads “VICTORS NOT VICTIMS”.  And they are. 

Read all the entries, hear all their stories, and journey with us all.

“I am proud of you Joplin.  You are a strong example that the world needs to see. “      




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Hey, brother dear. We are very proud of you! Thanks for sharing your experience and the pictures.
Love ya,
“The Golden Child”


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