Decades Of Friendships

by altardy on November 30, 2011


I have finally been on this earth long enough to admit (reluctantly) that I have known people as friends for decades.  But since all the people I’m pictured with look so young I’m not going to tell you which of them I have known as friends for decades and which I’ve only known for a few years. 

Frank and Deb are great friends and great athletes.  They always put their all into whatever they do and are always encouraging others along the way.  I’ve seen them at many of the local races and I love to hear of their journeys.

Frank and Tara are friends I see both at races and out socially.  Frank will also be part f my next trans-continental run.  He has volunteered to take time out of his life and be a volunteer behind the wheel of the motor home. 


Tim, on my left, won the road race I am an organizer for, The Toasted Owl Gives A Hoot 5k & 3k in Northampton, Ma.. He blew the competition away even though he made a wrong turn and added a bit to the distance.  Brian is an organizer for the Talking Turkey Race and, with his timing company, helps us tremendously with the Toasted Owl Race.  He is a great, but humble, runner and has become a great friend.

I also thought you might like to meet Tim’s MUCH better half, Abbey.  As you can see from all the smiles, we were all enjoying the great day that mother nature and the company that we were all keeping that day had provided.  

Don’t miss the next entry about this great race.  And, don’t miss this race next year.

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I’m just looking for Frank and Beans… ended with Tim and Abbey!
Great job as usual Al, I’m waiting to see you in the Gazette’s person of the week…..


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