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by altardy on November 30, 2011

I have put many entries into the blog section over a short spance of time.  Because of that, some people are having a bit of trouble finding a specific entry or a group of entries.  Just in the last month I have written many entries about my trip to Joplin, Missouri with Extreme Home Makeovers,  the Toasted Owl Gives A Hoot 5k & 3k races, and now the Talking Turkey 6 miler in Holyoke.

Here’s how to navigate through.  By entering the blog section you will be able to click onto the “Recent Entries” one at a time.  To get further back than these entries you should click onto the “November Archives” (or another month if you have a specific entry you are looking for and know it’s date).  You will then bring up a page that has a listing of the entries on that page.  If you read those, or are looking for others, you can click “Previous Entries” (bottom left in small print) and this will bring up another page of entries.  You can repeat this process as far as you want to go back or until you find what you are looking for, and as always,  please feel free to email me at as many people have already done.  Thanks

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Where are the Joplin entries?


Hi Sue. Joplin is in the November2011 archives. My tribute to 9-11 is in the Sept2011 archives. Keep Smiling Al


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