But Santa, I Don’t Need Stockings Full Of Coal To Heat My House!!!!!

by altardy on December 5, 2011



If you can read the sign on the pole you will see that I set a new personal record for the distance traveled to run in a race.  That’s right I headed to the North Pole for the 2011 Jolly Jaunt.  As you can see I took photos to prove it.  I was helping Saint Nick with directions, since the snow storm on October 29-30 changed some of his “go to” land marks and then I helped him as he was checking his list.  It gave me a time to explain why coal should not be the only thing he delivered to my house on Christmas.  

Hey, would I have put on my running shoe bells if I wasn’t telling you the truth about where I was for this amazing race.  Check out the next 2 entries to see pictures of the festivities.     


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