Head And Toes

by altardy on December 12, 2011



Although this is my last group of pictures from the Brennan’s Holiday Pub Run, my memory of the day includes so many other great people who the day was a pleasure to share. 

Kelly and Jen are two great people.  They are both mom’s, wives, pretty as can be and both about to take on a running adventure that I’ve been sworn to secrecy on.  And I’m not telling, mainly cause they can out run me and would probably use their speed to track me down and make me sorry I had said anything.

Darly,one r, one y, and one l  (sorry you had to be there) and Ienjoyed a refreshment at our next to last stop. 

Ok on this one you have to remember that we were at the last of 7 stops.  So, you can see Mary towards the back and then…..her husband Ed (I think) is on the far right and I failed to write down the names of the 2 people with us.  But, if someone can email me with the missing names, I would correct the mind lapse.  Did I mention this was our 7th stop??????????  

And as a final pic I thought I would show you that I was not dressed head to toe in a festive outfit, but, my hat and bells show I was dressed head AND toes for the run.

Check this run out next year.  What a great festive and social day to experience.  It will definitely held feel the holiday season.

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