One Of America’s Hidden Treasures

by altardy on June 14, 2012

Americore? Americore? I’m 57 years old and until about a week ago I did not know what Americore was or that it even existed.

But, instead of learning about Americore from someone, or reading about Americore  in some literature or pamphlet somewhere, I met Americore face to face.

I volunteered to do painting at a Habitat for Humanity, 4 house in 1 week build in Springfield, Ma.. The houses were being built for victims of the tornado that hit the area one year ago. And at that build I had the wonderful pleasure and honor to be working side by side with a group of young adults who were working with Americore. 

 Americore is a government-funded organization that gives young adults a place to focus their efforts in a rewarding, learning and helpful way while they figure out what it is they want to do next with their lives.  The 7 people who I met were one of many groups sent across the country to take on projects such as this one (and many other crisis situations) where help is needed).

(l-r in 1st photo) Rusty, Abbey, ?, myself, Mellina, Jimmy(I have a quick question), Mary and Rachael are at the “wrap” celebration after the project was completed.  

But the entire rest of the time I saw them, they were in a continuous work mode.  I have 2 entries after this one showing  just a small portion of them in action.  They worked from early morning til late at night. They did everything asked of them and more.  They were polite to all those around them and always had a smile on their face (which helped me get through some stressed moments). 

They worked tightly as a team.  They spoke highly of each other and shared life and feelings with each other like brothers and sisters who had been together forever.  

I look back to when I was their age.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life and I spent years wandering.  These special young people are making a difference in the world everyday while they decide what’s next.  I’m proud to have met and worked with them and consider them to truly be one of Ameica’s hidden treasures.  Please read the next 2 entries.

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