They Were Everywhere

by altardy on June 14, 2012


This team of young adults could be found everywhere on the job site.  They were always busy working or trying to find work that needed to get done.

There was not a part of the construction process that they didn’t have knowledge of.  They worked as a team when they were together and worked as part of a team when they were asked to help others get things done. 

Toward the end of the build there was an enormous amount of painting left to do, when Millena and Abbey stepped up to help.  They stayed til there was nothing left to do. 

Every time I looked out a window or a door they were raking, shoveling, cutting, nailing, or looking in at me from a 2nd floor window.

  I have almost 200 photos that I took while working at this Habitat build,  and there are very few that do not have one of them in it busy working.

There are a few more pics in the next entry so check them out.

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