Where Is Whitman, Ma.?

by altardy on June 25, 2012


I love to go to races that are being held in places I’ve never been.  When I talk to friends, about a race I’m thinking of running on the weekend, they many times ask, “Where is ____ and why are you going THERE???” My reply is most often that #1. I’ve never been there #2. That means there will be people whom I’ve never met (and some that I have), and I enjoy making new friends #3. I firmly believe that every day holds a story for our lives and I enjoy searching out my story for the day.   

McGuiggan’s Pub in Whitman, Ma. I felt it fit all 3 criteria, so, off I went.  Plus a 5k at a pub usually is an especially good time.  And I wasn’t disappointed.

Paul was one of the main organizers for the race. We had talked on the phone prior to the race date.  He is a happy, easy-going guy whose mission is to put on races, raise money for charities and create a place where people can come and have a good time.

Paul and his co-organizer, Kevin, put on a great race and between their efforts and McGuiggan’s Pub everyone had just a glorious day of racing, friendships shared (new and old), and fun.  “Great  job everyone, your efforts were appreciated by all.”

There are 3 more entries after this on about the special race day in Whitman.  Check them out.

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