“Props” To Some Of The Volunteers

by altardy on June 25, 2012

I love to give volunteers their “props”.  I put on road races and can tell you that without volunteers they probably would not exist. 

Cindy volunteers enough to have met me at other races and has appeared more than once in my blog section. 

Michelle and Beth were on bikes and at vital turns on the course making sure everyone was correctly directed.  And John was at registration, at points on the course and at the end always helping others.  

Lauren was not a volunteer, but she was a big part of making sure the runners got to enjoy their time in the McGuiggan’s Pub.  And with a smile like that I needed her picture for the website.

There are 2 more entries with pictures of many of the runners I shared the roads with in Whitman.  Check them out while you’re here.

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