From 450 to 1200

by altardy on October 10, 2012


When I looked at last years race results for the Harpoon race, I saw that there were 456 finishers listed.  I went expecting a pretty good turn out because the forecast went from rain forecasted to a sunny day forecast.  But, when I arrived about an hour and a half early, there were already at least 450 people already there.

I knew I was in for a great day and it started with the smiling welcome of Merrill and Mack.  I write a lot about how, without the volunteers, these races would not exist.  The other part of that story is the races would not continue to grow, in part, without the smiling welcomes of the volunteers.  These two helped set the stage for a fun day.  


Amongst the crowd was Erik, Amy, Andy, and Dan.  Erik and I knew each other from another race day and he was able to tell me where.  Although I do remember Erik, I can’t remember where it was we met now that I’m writing this entry. Ah, have I mentioned the race was at a brewery and that we’re not drinking soda. 

And then there were Sarah and Holly.  As you can see Holly was setting the “pace” verses me and Sarah on the beer consumption. 

An absolutely great time, with great new friends.  There are two more entries still to read, including one about keg recycling.  check them out.

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