Thankfulness And Pride

by altardy on October 10, 2012


As many of you know, I have been running for over 40 years.  There have been many times over those years that I wondered why I continue to do this.  People like myself used to do a lot of our running when it wasn’t as “cool” as it is now.  When nobody came to cross-country meets.  When sports awards were handed out in high school to the cross-country team members people would say “who??? what team???”. 

So, when school was finished and people like myself were seen out running on the roads, we were the geeks.  You newbies and young runners have no clue what I’m talking about. But, the reason I bring all that up is this, along with the laughs (at us) and all the aches and pains came many reasons to just stop.  However, every once in a while you feel thankful and blessed that you hang in there.        

Meet, Jonathan, my nephew.  Jon took up running all of 2 months ago.  He not only has really gotten into this “running thing”, but a few weeks ago he told me he had signed up for his first road race ever.  The race was October 7th and it was part of Harpoon Brewery’s Octoberfest celebration in Windsor, Vermont. Although I told him right from his announcement I wasn’t really sure if I could make the race (including up to the day before), I knew exactly where I was  going to be on October 7th. 

We were side by side in the crowd as the race started. We smiled, gave each other a fist pump, I said “run your own race” and we were off.  How did he do?? Well, it was only his first race and probably the only race he’ll start side by side with the likes of his “uncle Al”.  HE KICKED MY ASS  that’s how he did.  He’ll never let me slow him down again.  But you know what??? I was as proud as I could be that I was able to run in my nephew’s first race with him.  And I was able to look  him in the eyes and tell him I loved him and that I was so proud of him. This is why I still run and these are moments that I would never experience sitting on a couch.

As you can see, I was able to share a couple mugs of “carbs” with him.  After all, although I was emotional,  it was an Octoberfest at a Brewery and he’s over 21.  We shared ” what about the last hill stories” and talk about “the next races”. 

I always write small notes on my bib numbers.  Look closely and you  will see my notes.  Then check out the 3 more short entries to see all the fun you missed that great day.

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