Friends And Smiles

by altardy on March 20, 2013

IMG_0039One great thing about working in the registration tent for so many hours was getting to see most everyone that came to register or pick up their numbers.  Amongst them were many people that I call friend.  Chris(black jacket) I’ve known for many years and have both run in the same races and put on races of our own.

Tim I met at a local gym and he heard me talk about the St. Patty race so much he decided to make it his FIRST race ever.  Welcome to our world my friend, you will do well.IMG_0034

Kim was sitting at a table after the race refueling with some of the free food offered in the heated tent.  I couldn’t pass by that smile without getting a picture.IMG_0055IMG_0054

 Meet Hayley and her sister Brynn. Along with their beautiful smiles to welcome everyone they are 2 more members of the race committee. These women work incredibly hard so that their smiles and their efforts make the runner’s day brighter and easier.

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