Some Of The People That Put The Day Together

by altardy on April 30, 2013

IMG_0004Meet Chris.  I didn’t even have to ask who the main organizer was in Groton.  I know from experience, if you want to find the person in charge you look for the person that is both running around like a crazy person and is being asked questions by just about everyone.  And last Sunday in Groton that was Chris. 

Along with being the main driving force for this great race, Chris also has a talk show on the radio (I will update you on that station and time shortly). He uses that time to encourage people to get out and be active, to enjoy who you are and make the most of the life you’ve been given. Check in with Chris at . IMG_0006   

Now for every person who is in charge of putting together an event like this there have to be wing men and women that can be counted on. Meet Jason who is one of the wing men. I watch when Jason was spinning in every direction answering and directing runners and volunteers alike.  Note the sign behind us that I felt was very important.IMG_0003

Without volunteers none of these races would exist.  Meet 2 of the 10’s of volunteers for this great event.  Betty and Jane were the first people I met as I went to register.  Jane remembered me from last year’s race. 

I always look for the smiles on the volunteers as that helps set the tone for the runners. Starting the day off with their smiling greeting I knew the day was going to be a good one.IMG_0009

I have also loved the fact that the Groton race has a massage tent.  These are some of the most unrecognized volunteers, but also the most appreciated by those who take advantage of their talents. 



There is one more entry to show some of the runners that made their way to the races.  Check it out and plan on being part of the day next year.

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