20 th Annual Corrib Pub 5K in West Roxbury/ Heroes Amongst Us

by altardy on June 3, 2013

IMG_0018As many of you know, it was quite warm Sunday June 2.  I actually enjoy running in the heat.  But not only was I feeling good about the warmth that day, I was also headed to a 5k in West Roxbury, Ma.. 

I went to this race last year for the first time and didn’t get to run the race.  You see, I arrived late due to the magical “road construction gods” and missed it.IMG_0005

 So I was out my door extremely early that morning and arrived at the Corrib Pub and Restaurant 2 and a half hours early.  IMG_0004

 Crazy???Maybe.  But I was able to find out some great things. 

As you know if you’ve followed my stories or heard one of my speeches, I love to find great things being done by average  people.IMG_0006

  And I think this qualifies as one of those things.  What a spectacular accomplishment. The person/people who own this pub don’t know who I am or the writing about people and places that I do.  I never introduced myself.  But if you are reading this and can let someone there know, please do.  To be able to be such an amazing force to help charities in this way and to this degree is simply amazing. 

I have 4 more entries to follow about some of the special things and people who were there and will make this race one of the great givers in life.  So Read on my friends.

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