Whitman, Ma……But….But…..I’ve Been Here Before

by altardy on June 10, 2013

IMG_0006I’ve done around 300 races over the last 10 years. Sometimes don’t know I’ve already been to a race in the past until I arrive.  McGuiggan’s Pub 5k in Whitman, Ma. proved to be one of those races on June 9th.

As I came to the center of town and rounded the corner to McGuiggan’s a smile came to my face.  Not only did I suddenly realize this was a race I had written about 2 years ago, but, I remembered what a great time the entire day had been.

IMG_0007Paul, who I’ve gotten to know over the course of years of running, is not only a good friend but always puts on great races. 

This year was no exception.  There were bounce houses for the kids, lots of food, pints of carbs and he always seems to bring spectacular weather. And the recipient of the funds raised was the One Fund. IMG_0004  

Paul, however, does have a lot of help from volunteers to be able to make an event like this happen.  Karen and Eileen are 2 of the many volunteers.  For any of you runners/walkers who show up to the events do the courses and go home, you need to know that it takes many volunteers and countless hours so you can enjoy yourself.

I love to give volunteers their “props”.  I also organize races, not to mention a 5000 mile run in 2 years, and I can tell you from personal experience that without the volunteers these events would not exist. IMG_0008

 Well, as I said, Paul does bring great weather to his races and this day was no exception. The clouds parted, the sun came out and the thermometer hovered around 70 degrees. At noon the gun sounded and we were off. 

It truly was another great day at McGuiggan’s. I have 3 more entries with photos of some of the people and the activities.  Keep clicking on the titles and give them a read.  then put this race on your schedule for next year.  

Please feel free to email me, but, use my personal email Tardy4@comcast.net . I would love to hear from you soon.

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