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by altardy on July 21, 2013

IMG_0003Jennifer and I met while watching the awards ceremony after the race.  She told me a quote she had heard at some point.  I had never heard it before and really liked it. So I thought that she and the quote should get their own entry.

So here is Jennifer and the quote was “There may come a day that I can no longer run, BUT TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY”.  I have always felt that everyone’s  health and their ability to run (no matter how far or how fast) are blessings to be thankful for and not taken for granted. Jennifer helped put some words to the thought.  “Thank you Jennifer”.  Keep running.  

There 2 more entries with pictures and a search still to go.  So read them and always feel free to email through this site or my personal email    tardy4@ comcast.net

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