Could I Ask…

by altardy on July 21, 2013

IMG_0002Meet Harry.  This race is an out and back course.  The first time I saw Harry was quite a bit before I got to the turn around.  I took note of him because he very much resembles a close friend of mine and I thought we had ended up at the same race without knowing it.

I found Harry later after the race and realized he was now my NEW friend and not the one he reminded me of while passing on the course.  Also I found out, although he looks younger than me, he is 18 years older than me.  He also won his age category.  “Great race Harry, congrats to you”.IMG_0007

Now this picture and the next have picture have something in common.  Brian and Megan happened to be walking past and as I asked them if we could catch a photo.  And then I asked for some directionsIMG_0013.


While following Megan’s directions I came across Kelly, Judi and Lisa. They, too, looked like they were having a great time and something told me they could help me in my search.  Note the ice cream on a stick that Megan and Kelly have. Note also the empty frozen ice cream stick in Lisa’ s hand.  And the smiles on Brian and Judi were there, in part, because they had finished their frozen treats. 

So with all the directing from these happy ice cream eaters, I found my way to the vendor that was giving out these magical treats.  Actually, the directions were so good I found my way there 4 times.  OOPS!!! was I only supposed to take one.

Anyhow, I have one more entry for you to read. So check it out and then come and join us next year.

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