by altardy on September 16, 2013


OK so it’s not a great picture.  What do you want for 5:45 a.m. on Sunday morning Sept 15th while doing 80 (oops I mean 65) miles and hour and trying to take a picture of the sunrise.    

And where was I going to so early in the morning???? To a place I’d never been before, to meet people I’d never met before,  so I could run 3.1 miles and then have an awesome, awesome day. 

If you are a runner you know what I’m talking about.  Yeah, you know.IMG_0017 

I was headed to Manchester, New Hampshire to run a race that drew 1,000 runners last year.  I wanted to know, why? And the only way to find out was to go there and be one of this years  runners. 

This is the Halfway To St. Patrick’s Day 5k and what a wonderful place and time it turned out to be. 

If you haven’t been to Manchester and this race, then you need to read the 5 entries after this one and see the true jewel I found. 

To read beyond the first 5 entries you may need to click onto the September archives tab.  So, read and enjoy I know that my time there was very special.   You can email me at tardy4@comcast.net or through the site or leave a comment.  Love to hear from you.  


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