by altardy on September 16, 2013


When I arrived at the WILD ROVER PUB in Manchester I was two and a half hours early.  Why????  Cause that’s what I do.IMG_0011 

The streets were very quiet.  But, little did I know what a great day with a large number of people lay ahead of me.IMG_0015 

The first person I set out to find was John.  He is the main organizer and since I organize races,too, I looked for the craziest person in the place.  The one who is running everywhere and is being asked questions by everyone.  So when I found a person matching that description, sure enough it was John. 

I had talked to John on the phone, cause I was afraid of them being capped out on registration and unable to run.  He had assured me there were a few numbers left for race day, but very few.  Please refer back to why I might have been there two and a half hours early.

Everyone I talked to, EVERYONE, had nothing but great things to say about John and what he has done for the city, the people, races and the runners.  “Thanks John” you and your team have done great things.IMG_0014 

As the day began I suddenly heard a very familiar voice.  As the announcer began to talk about the day’s activities, I realized the voice was that of an old friend, Andy, that I had met at the Red Hook Brewery for a 5k there.  I saw him a couple of times shortly after that but it had been many years since the last time.  Seeing Andy again was another reward for driving so far to search for my story for the day.

There are 4 more entries with pictures of the people with short stories, the day and the fun.  Read them and you will put this race on your calendar for next year.

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