by altardy on September 16, 2013


For Frank the Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day race was only his second race ever.  As I talked to him I could sence that excitement of the newer runner to the scene.  He was excited about the day and the friends that he runs the races with.  Well Frank, “Welcome to our world, we gotcha”.  Glad you to have you with us and proud of you.IMG_0020

As many of you know, if you’ve been reading my blogs for any length of time, I like to run and chat with people during the race.  I was about a mile into the course when I started talking with Susan(591). As we were running I told her this was my first time ever to Manchester.  She said “Welcome to our city”. So, she qualifies as the my first official greeter. Here with Melissa we shared the story over a beer.  “Thank for the welcome”IMG_0021.

Meet Dan, who ran the race with a sling. We’ll run no matter what, cause that’s the way us runners are.  To your left in this picture is Mike.  Mike is the director of timing for Millennium Running Timing Co.. We talked timing and races and it turns that Mike is also……….IMG_0018.

….Nancy’s son. Nancy was the first person I talked to that day as she is the registration co-ordinator for the race.  We are pictured here with Valerie.  As I was looking at my pictures to put in this entry I suddenly noticed that Valerie’s number is the next number assigned after Susan, who is just two pictures up on this entry, and they very probably don’t even know each other. 

There is one more entry from the Manchester 5k.  So, click on to it and check out the photos.     


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